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Welcome to the moringafarm® Shop - the healthiest page on the internet.


Our moringafarm® teams from Germany and the Canary Islands invite you to a journey through the world of Moringa. We produce premium Moringa Oleifera for you that complies with highest standards of safety and quality. Our Moringa is not treated with ionizing radiation for sterilization, is free of environmental toxins and organically certified. Every harvest undergoes chemical analysis in labs and solely flawless batches are approved. On this basis our products are marked with the golden quality seal for sound Moringa. Test the benefits for body and soul!

  • Moringa from our Farms:
  • is cultivated 100% organically and no uncontrolled growth,
    in order to ensure constant quality
  • is free of pesticides and additives
    - we simply process the pure plant!
  • counts as raw food and is dried and processed gently,
    whereby the healthy ingredients are preserved
  • is immediately bioavailable and therefore makes it easy
    for the organism to metabolise the active components
  • holds a balanced composition of nutrients for the right
    body supply of vitamins and minerals
  • has one of the highest antioxidant properties by means of
    polyphenols to protect against free radicals (optimal ORAC-Values)
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